Fast Money Blogging – How You Can Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Welcome to Fast Money Blogging

I decided to create this website because I want to save you the time and effort that I spent blogging without a plan to monetise my blogs.

I started blogging more or less as soon as I became interested in online marketing.  My mentors taught me about Calls to Action, bridging, how and where to share my blogs to gain the greatest number of followers.  They told me that I should write about my passions and consistently write a daily blogpost of a minimum of 500 words, preferably 1000.

So I duly followed the instructions and ended up with loads of blogposts but not a lot of engagement and absolutely no sales.

Further down the line I learnt about opt-in pages and popovers and widgets and Google Adsense – but still no sales!  So where was I going wrong and more importantly what could I do to improve the situation?  I am happy to tell you that I did finally figure it out and you will find the solutions to my problem (which may also be your problem) in the posts that I will be publishing here on a weekly basis.

You probably already know how important the site speed of your website because most internet users nowadays want instant gratification. If only you could find the hosting company with the best site speeds -ones you could easily check on all of your websites in a matter of moments. As an added bonus if you could make Google happy by improving your user experience, you could get better rankings, lots more traffic and generate more sales.

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